About the company and production of the brand Solh

The brand Solh more than 10 years opens up to the representatives of the beautiful half an endless world of fashion in the palm of your hand. We work, inspired by the fascination of people, the brilliance in their eyes, which helps us create the beautiful. And the result of our work is a confident woman, conquering with an inspired look and graceful gestures.   

8 collections every year, more than 250 images in each, a large size range, an affordable price range, a wide sales network - this is all what Solh is woven from.

The quality of the products is above all for us. Therefore, starting from the materials and ending with the technique - everything passes testing with respect to the necessary quality indicators.

The Solh brand is a pyramid, the top of which is tightly integrated into the modern fashion world. We built this pyramid from 5 important layers.

The fundamental lower layer

We know firsthand that it's impossible to create a masterpiece from nothing. Great sculptors and artists did not create their works from the air. The products of Solh are beauty and quality, which is born from the best materials.

Exquisite, beautiful, wear-resistant, durable fabric - the heart of any collection of Solh.

All materials used in the production have documents that confirm their quality, which corresponds to the world standards.

      The fabrics from which the Solh clothing is created go through a full cycle of testing in the Confidence in Textiles system. Materials are strictly checked for the permissible level of harmful substances. Quality certificates for Confidence in Textiles are a clear undeniable argument for absolute tissue safety. Each of the materials used is suitable for any direction in the production of textiles.   

We cooperate with trusted suppliers of high-quality fabrics and accessories provided under our individual wishes. A wide variety of palettes, textures allows you to create as many as two large collections for each season of the year.

The main layer

Products Solh is born on high-tech equipment of German production.

Each element of the equipment, whether it's a cutting machine, button automaton, overlock, etc., is tested beforehand in the workflow. All equipment is regularly serviced, followed by the renewal of parts and entire units. Before entrusting the machine to each of our creations, we must make sure that it is uninterrupted.

The reliability and high useful effect of the equipment lies in the high level of quality of Solh clothing. Each wardrobe element created by us has perfect seams, smooth edges, neatly connected details, adorned decor.

Like all progressive in the world, Solh is confidently stepping in step with the times, using the possibilities of technical novelties to the maximum.

So that nothing hinders the woman Solh to be graceful, easy, to enjoy comfort every day, we make inconspicuous flat seams on the newest sewing machine.

And in order to realize any design fantasy, laser cutting, sublimation printing, machine embroidery are used in the production. On the flat overlock overlock we apply refined decorative seams of complex shapes.

Middle layer

The brand Solh helps to master the art of standing out from the crowd. The main tool of an irresistible woman is her unique unique image.

To create stylish original items, we use exquisite hand-made accessories or embody fancy fantasies with a 3-D printer.

Thanks to high-quality fittings, we are able to speed up the sewing processes, to give the product an ideal shape, to make it more practical and convenient. Correctly selected accessories helped us to create many kinds of transformers, which are easy to wear in almost any situation in life.

Priority layer

In order to do something great, some means and materials are not enough. The brand Solh was created by people who love and are able to create beauty with the mind and hands.

Personnel is one of the most important components of brilliant success. The founder of the brand managed to gather a team of like-minded people in matters of style, beauty and confidence of a woman.

The creative approach and diligent work of our designers, designers and cutters allows, using a high fashion, to create comfortable and practical things for everyday wear.

Our employees have a unique artistic flair and solid experience with all kinds of clothing: from underwear to winter coats.

The effectiveness of the company in many ways depends on the level of professionalism of the executive. Elements of the wardrobe from Solh sew real masters of their craft !. These are full-fledged and inalienable participants of our friendly team, which opens the world of fashion in the palm of your hand. The seams of the Solh brand are Ukrainian, and therefore the best.

After all, it's not a secret that a Ukrainian seamstress is worth it for such giants of fashion as Esprit, Benetton, Zara, Hugo Boss, Mexx, s.Oliver, Tommy Hilfiger, Triumph and many others. Why is that? Yes, because only tender, good-natured Ukrainians feel the beauty of nature, color, fabric and clothing most strongly. And the hands of Ukrainian women are the most skillful. Thanks to the accuracy and diligence of the garments, Solh clothing is popular among fashionistas in Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Belarus. We have personnel that European garment factories have repeatedly tried to lure to themselves. This is evidenced by the results of a study by Europe's Sweatshops, conducted by the international organization Clean Clothes Campaign.

Conceptual layer

If exquisite gorgeous fabrics are the heart of Solh, then the brilliant ideas of our designers are his soul. They are the basis of every literate concept. And the concept gives rise to exclusive unique images, thanks to which the woman Solh stands out from the crowd, without becoming a black sheep. We catch the fine lines of the intersection of high fashion with everyday life. The brand breaks stereotypes of high fashion - we create clothes for any occasion. The bows on the catwalks and the female images of Solh in life are absolutely identical.

Each design idea is skipped through the prism of modern trends. We take into account the fashion in the world of fashion. Every year we use the colors recommended by the Pantone Color Institute palette.

Work on the idea is carried out throughout the entire cycle of creating collections - from the sketch to the finished sample.

For all the time of our activity we can confidently say that Solh de luxe is a full-fledged organism whose goal is to give every woman happiness, beauty and self-confidence.