1. How to make and pay for the order?
Choose your favorite item from the catalog by clicking the [Add to Cart] button on the product page. Check the contents of the basket and click the [Checkout] button. In the step-by-step form, indicate the desired delivery option, personal data, payment method and confirm the order by clicking the [Finish] button.
2. In what terms is the delivery of goods?
According to the delivery terms of the transport company
3. What is the cost of shipping?
For one unit of goods 15 $ each subsequent + 5 $
4. How can I return an order?
you can call the sales department, voice the reason for the refund and clarify the details of the procedure.
5. How to check the availability of the goods in the warehouse / in the store chain?
give a request to any of the sources: phone, mail, chat, social network for the position you are interested in.

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