About us

10 years ago the brand of women's clothing Solh de lux announced itself in the arena of world fashion. Its founder, mother of two children Elena Hashim, set herself the goal to emphasize the uniqueness, charm and beauty of every Ukrainian woman, regardless of age and type of appearance. For this she collected us. We are a creative team that opens the world of fashion in the palm of your hand.

Since 2011, we produce premium-class clothes for women.

Картінка для о нас.pngThe Solh de lux brand creates elegant, comfortable and stylish female images for any occasion. For this we use high-quality natural materials, the latest design solutions.

Such bright and so different Ukrainian women inspire us to look for and create new fascinating silhouettes and stylish textures. Solh are innovative fashion ideas and technologies. Our clothes are made on high-tech modern equipment. To create an exclusive decor we use exquisite handmade ornaments, figured laser cutting, sublimation printing and 3D embroidery.

Our production department is located in Kharkov. Here every idea of couturier is realized, starting from the sketch drawing and ending with the finished product.Производство.png

In order for our clients to be irresistible at any time of the year, we produce 2 collections each season. So that a woman can fully discover her charm and charm, without spending much time selecting clothes, we create ready-made images of total look. In each seasonal collection of 20 to 40 fashionable bows.

The cost of production refers to the middle price segment.

Solh de lux is an exclusive one that suits you.

The mission of the brand Solh

Our mission is to reveal the beauty, charm and uniqueness of women with any type of appearance. The brand is called Solh (Farsi in the world), because we open the world of free, diverse and exclusive fashion in the palm of your hand.  

Our couture strives to transform every image into a worthy frame of your beauty and irresistibility. Therefore, in each collection of Solh de luxe there is a wide variety of design solutions and refinement.

Контнапт.pngWe create clothes based on fresh world trends, but at the same time we challenge the fashionable canons. Because our stylish and comfortable images smoothly enter the everyday life of Ukrainian women.

We aim to create a complete image of total look, the elements of which perfectly match each other in color, shape and texture. Because modern Ukrainians appreciate their time and should not spend it on designing stylish images.

We want every representative of the beautiful half to feel feminine and elegant not only in evening and business dresses, but also in comfortable casual clothes (casual, sport).

It does not matter what the weather is outside. Whether it's rainy autumn, sunny spring, snowy winter or hot summer. Seasonal collections bear in themselves restraint and stylish trends of the current season. Solh is a fashion outside the weather. And she opens the woman from a special side.

Development of the Solh brand

The path of our development began in 2006. Then the products of Solh were sold only in the markets. And in 2010 we developed a new marketing strategy that brought the brand Solh de luxe to a new high level. Female beauty in all its manifestations has become the starting point for creating fashionable stylish clothes.

Since 2011, Solh de luxe has become the choice of 83% of Ukrainians, thanks to quality materials, topical seasonal colors, exquisite textures and a wide size grid (from 42 to 60).

Солх-3.pngSince that time and to this day we are in search of new amazing ideas and technologies. So, we once opened the possibilities of laser cutting, machine embroidery.

We opened a network of retail and online clothing stores brand Solh de luxe in Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic Union countries. Bright storefronts with large letters of the brand name began to recognize thousands of women of age 25+ and 40+. Our retail stores can be found in many large shopping centers of the country. Each of them provides a wide choice, first-class service and a flexible system of discounts.

The needs of modern women with an active life position, we took as the basis for creating practical and at the same time elegant images in the style of casual and smart casual.

Today we complement each image created by us total look with fashionable hats, scarves, snacks and exquisite fasion handmade ornaments.  

Our internal legends and the philosophy of the brand Solh

For more than 10 years, Solh brand makes Ukrainian with various parameters fashionable and stylish. We create exclusive bows for any occasion.

Our internal legends and the philosophy of the brand Solh

For more than 10 years, Solh brand makes Ukrainian with various parameters fashionable and stylish. We create exclusive bows for any occasion.

Three whales of the philosophy of the brand Solh:

  • many years of experience in the fashion industry;
  • focus on girls and women with any type of appearance;
  • knowledge of the novelties of the world fashion.

Combining these conceptual approaches together, we get an exclusive, high-quality product that has no analogues in the Ukrainian market.

контент___.pngIn our team work fine psychologists of female nature. They know how changeable the mood of many lovely ladies. Therefore, in each collection, we add a twist, namely the transformers. One of the most hit design decisions of the casual collection of spring-2017 are double-sided cardigans. They can be worn with the front and the underside. One side of the product has a bright, rich color, and the other is neutral calm (gray, graphite, beige).

The brand Solh draws creative inspiration from the calm, sensual, romantic girls who know how to relax, in any situation look easy and stylish. Bright dress-swiss shots - our find for rest on the nature and for a romantic date.

We create, what makes every woman of the sex happy and self-confident.

Stylish bows of the seasonal collections of Solh de luxe reveal their owners with a surprisingly new, beautiful side.

Together with fashionable, stylish, comfortable clothes, we give each of our client "weapons of mass destruction". Namely the feeling that she likes men and is able to conquer that single ... We know cases when stunning and at the same time reserved and elegant female images forced to flee the registry office even the most hardened bachelors.