Elena Hashim

Solh is a world of free, unique, and practical fashion in the palm of your hand. We built this world out of 8 values. One of the secrets of our success is the endless search for new forms, textures, prints, silhouettes. We do not stop to open the prospects for the use of new fabrics: bilateral, with an unusual coating, texture, multifunctional. We use our fresh ideas in every collection.

Elena Hashim


We reveal the beauty, irresistibility and charm of women of all types of appearance.


To look like one hundred percent does not have to be the wife of a millionaire. Exclusive designer clothes Solh refer to the middle price segment.

total look

To ensure that our beautiful women do not spend their time and finances on stylists, collecting fashionable images, we do the total look. Each image consists of matching in color and shape elements of clothing and proper accessories.

For all seasons

A woman should be beautiful in any weather. Therefore, we take into account seasonal trends and produce 8 collections per year - two for each time of year.

High quality

Clothes Solh is made of high-quality natural fabrics, therefore it perfectly keeps its shape, color, texture and appearance for a long time.


We create color and assortment capsule collections. This allows women to pick up a diverse wardrobe with flowers and trends of the upcoming season.